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Ash Wastes

1 Headlong Leap: When this fighter gets into hand-to-hand combat on vehicles he is overwhelmed with ‘road rage.’ The fighter gains +1 to his initiative when attempting to board enemy vehicles and may choose who he fights if he successfully boards, even the driver.
2 Gotcha: A fighter with this skill may leap from a moving vehicle onto an opponent that is on foot. The fighter may leap at any point in the vehicle’s movement at any enemy that is within 2” of the vehicle. The fighter does not take any damage from the leap and the opponent takes a single hit at the fighter toughness. If the opponent survives then the two models are locked into hand-to-hand combat and the leaper counts as charging in the first round.
3 Play Chicken: If a vehicle attempts to run over, swipe, or rake a fighter with this skill the fighter will instead stand his ground as the vehicle closes in and points a gun while grinning widely. If the fighter manages to jump out of the way he may then take a free shooting attack at the vehicle. The shot is made immediately as the fighter dives away. He is still pinned but the shot is taken with all modifiers as normal.
4 Looter: A fighter with this skill is especially good at scavenging the battlefield. If the fighter did not go ‘out-of-action’ then he takes D3X5 credits worth of valuables from the battlefield. These credits are profit and added directly to your stash and does not count as a post game action or the fighter.
5 Play Dead: If a fighter with this skill is wounded and goes ‘down’ but not ‘out-of-action’ they may not be attacked by enemy fighters because he makes such a good job of looking like they are ‘out-of-action.’ If a fighter with this skill is actually taken ‘out-of-action’ then this skill has no effect since you are instead removed from play
6 Tough as Steel: A fighter that is Tough as Steel is harder to wound. The fighter subtracts one from the strength of all attacks that attempt to wound him.

Boarding Skills

1 Iron Grip: This fighter is adept at grabbing onto a vehicle, even when being madly bounced about. If the fighter fails his initiative test when boarding an enemy vehicle he may re-roll it. No matter the result, the second die result stands.
2 Follow Me!: The fighter’s daring feats serve as a great example to his fellow gangers who will copy his effective boarding style. If the fighter successfully boards an enemy vehicle then any other friendly fighters have a -1 modifier to their initiative roll to board that vehicle while the fighter is on board.
3 Cling On: Despite the enemy’s best efforts, it is very difficult to throw this fighter off a vehicle. If the fighter is forced off a vehicle for loosing a combat instead roll a D6. If the score is less than or equal to the fighter’s strength he hangs on and is not thrown overboard. If the result is over his strength he is thrown off as normal.
4 Surprise Leap: The fighter is an expert at jumping onto a vehicle that tries to run him over. If the fighter successfully dodges a vehicle that is about to run him over he has instead jumped onto the vehicle and counts as charging. If he does not dodge then he follows the normal rules for being run over.
5 Counter-Punch: Good timing is the key to repelling enemy boarders and this fighter has the knack for doing just that by throwing a punch at just the right time. If the fighter fights an enemy boarder on the first turn they board he gains a +1 to his WS.
6 Grapple: The fighter is so dedicated to the gang that he will willingly throw himself off a moving vehicle and try to take as many enemy fighters with him as he can. At the start of any hand-to-hand combat on a vehicle the fighter may attempt to drag his opponent(s) off the vehicle. The fighter automatically falls off as if he’d lost a round of hand-to-hand combat. His opponent(s) must roll less than their strength(s) on a D6 or they are dragged off with the fighter. All fighters fall D3” in random directions (roll a scatter die for each fighter, not all at once) and take a strength 3 hit on a D6 result of 4+.


1 Tinkerer: When this skill is rolled up the model immediately creates a free piece of vehicle equipment. The cost of the equipment is still added to the cost of the vehicle. From now on after each game that this fighter does not go out-of-action and does not scavenge or work a territory or do anything else you may nominate one piece of equipment. Roll a D6. On a result of ‘6’ he has created it. It still adds its cost to a vehicle. In addition, the fighter gains D6 experience. Items created this way may not be sold due to the jury-rigging nature of a tinkered item.
2 Wrecker: A fighter with this skill can attempt to grab onto an enemy vehicle and slide underneath it to sabotage it. If the fighter successfully boards another vehicle he does not have to fight a crew member, but instead in each hand-to-hand phase he may attack one location, just as if there were no crew on board. Fighters on the target vehicle cannot attack the Wrecker but each time the vehicle turns he must roll equal to or under his strength on a D6. If he fails he falls and is placed 2” behind the vehicle. He takes a ST 3 hit. Work out injury as normal.
3 Back Seat Driver: This fighter is very good at suggesting courses of action to the driver of a vehicle. If the fighter is in a vehicle, but not driving, the vehicle’s driver must use the fighter’s leadership instead of his own on any driving test he has to make.
4 Gunner: This fighter may now fire fixed weapons, even if they cannot normally fire these weapons on their own except for heavy weapons. You may have as many gunners in your gang as you want but you are still limited to 1 fixed weapon per vehicle. If a ‘heavy’ rolls this skill then they can pick any skill on this skill list.
5 Mechanic: A fighter with this skill can fix damage to vehicles between games. To do this the gang spends D6x10 credits. Once the credits are paid you roll a D6. On a result of ‘1-2’ the repairs are ineffectual and the credits are lost. On a result of 3+ you have fixed one permanent damage result of your choice. Alternatively you may assign the mechanic to maintain one of your gang’s vehicles during the post game sequence. He may only do this if he did not go ‘out-of-action’ in the last game and may not do anything else this post-game sequence as well. A mechanic used this way counts as having paid one vehicle’s maintenance costs. The mechanic will also fix any temporary maintenance related damage as well.
6 Dead Eye: When a fighter with this skill shoots vehicle and hits it then roll a D6 prior to determining the location hit. On a result of 1-3 nothing special happens and you continue with location selection, penetration, and damage as normal. On a result of 4+ you may instead select the location you hit. Roll for penetration with a +1 modifier and apply damage as normal.


1 Shadow: The driver is especially skilled in the art of tailing and racing other vehicles. The driver may re-roll any leadership tests he has to take while tailing or racing another vehicle. Whatever the result of the second leadership test it stands.
2 Get Away Driver: The driver is well practice in loosing following vehicles. The driver dodges and weaves through the ash wastes and aims for obstacles to shake tailing and racing vehicles. The chasing driver must pass a leadership check at the start of your turn. If the test fails then you have shaken them off and they are no longer tailing orracing you.
3 Stunt Driver: The driver has lots of experience with out-of-control vehicles. If the vehicle is required to spin for any reason then the driver can re-roll the scatter die.The die cannot be re-rolled more than once per phase and the second result always stands. If the vehicle swerves then the driver may pick which way the vehicle turns.
4 Emergency Stop: If compulsory movement makes the driver’s vehiclecrash into scenery or collide with another vehicle then the driver may choose to make an emergency stop. Before working out the effects of the crash or collision the driver takes a leadership test. If the test is passed thevehicle stops just short of the obstacle and no damage occurs but each fighter besides the driver must roll equal to or under their strength on a D6 to remain on the vehicle. If a fighter fails then he is thrown D6 inches in the direction of travel and will take a strength 3 hit on a D6 result of 4+. If the driver fails the leadership test the crash or collision is worked out as normal.
5 Skid Turn: A driver with this skill may make one additional turn of up to 90 degrees per turn (not phase). A driver of a bike may make up to a 180-degree turn. Roll a D6. On a result of 1-3 the vehicle instead goes out-of-control and moves D6 inches in a random direction. Roll the scatter dieto determine the random direction. The vehicle will then spin at the end of the movement. On a result of 4+ the skid turn is successful. The vehicle may continue to finish its move after a skid turn, even if it was unsuccessful.
6 Jink: The driver moves his vehicle sporadically, never being in one spot too long. Shooting attacks against the driver’s vehicle suffer an additional –1 to hit it. In addition, if the vehicle is going at ‘fast’ speed the driver gets a special save against all successful hits. Any successful hit can be ‘jinked’ on a D6 roll equal to or under the driver’s initiative.


1 Master Rider: The rider and his steed act with a single mind, dodging enemy fire and leaping into the fray with fluid grace. A fighter with this skill may re-roll any tests against Initiative, including dodging rams, attacking vehicles, etc. The second roll always stands.
2 Expert Aim: The rider is highly adept at firing whilst on the move and can pick off targets even from the back of a galloping beast. The fighter does not suffer the normal -1 to hit when shooting from a running beast.
3 Sweeping Blow: Fighting from the back of a beast gives a warrior a distinct advantage, which the fighter exploits to the fullest. When the mounted fighter fights against a fighter-on-foot he adds +1 to his combat score in addition to any other modifiers.
4 Pounce: The fighter has developed a unique style of attacking vehicles. Bunching its muscles, the fighter’s beast leaps high into the air and lands right in the middle of an enemy vehicle, clawing, kicking, and biting. The fighter may board an enemy vehicle to attack it following the same rules as a fighter-on-foot can.
5 Riding Evade: The fighter is an expert at ducking behind his mount’s thick hide to avoid being shot. This fighter gains a further +1 to his armour save when mounted, but only against shooting attacks. This bonus does not apply in hand-to-hand combat.
6 Hit and Run: The fighter is adept at charging into combat, striking the enemy, and then riding on before his opponent can fight back. The fighter can make sideswipe attacks at enemies he passes within 2” during his movement. This is handled in exactly the same way as vehicle sideswipes, so the target can dodge the blow by testing against their initiative and will suffer a strength 3 hit if they fail. The fighter may do this during normal movement or while running but not during a declared charge.

Heavy Skills
1. Accuracy.The Heavy is especially skilled
with blast weapons. Any weapon this fighter
uses that has a blast template will only scatter
half the distance indicated by the scatter die.
2. Armourer.The armourer checks all weapons
being used by the gang before the battle starts.
Any fighter in the gang may add 1 to any and
all ammo rolls (including a roll to determine if a
weapon explodes). A roll of 1 always fails
regardless of the required result. This skill is
cumulative for gangs with two armourers.3. Bulging Biceps.Remains the same.
4. Long Shot.The heavy is skilled at making
aimed shots from heavy weapons. If the fighter
fires only a single shot from a heavy weapon,
this shot will have a +1 to hit modifier. This skill
may not be used with any weapons which use a
5. Monkey Grip.The heavy has a secure enough
grip on his weapon to make use of it in hand-to-hand combat. He does not count as encumbered
in hand-to-hand combat if carrying a heavy
weapon and will use the heavy weapon as a club.
6. Walking Fire.A heavy with this skill may
walk his sustained fire shots up to 6" instead of
the normal 4" from the initial target. Shots
walked in this way must still follow line of sight
to the heavy and follow all other rules for
sustained fire.
Leader Skills
1. Barter.A leader with this skill has a
reputation for being a loyal customer with many
of the local trading posts. When the leader visits
the trading post he always received D3
1 offers,
just as though he had another gang member with
him. Leaders with this skill may still be
accompanied by gangers for even more offers.
2. Fence.The leader is known as a trustworthy
source of good quality used equipment. Whether
this is true or not, the leader can charge more for
his secondhand equipment. Instead of receiving
half value for items the gang sells, they earn 1/2the cost plus an addition 25% of their original
3. Haggle.Your leader drives a hard bargain at
the trading posts. When purchasing a rare trade
item, you may re-roll the variable cost of the
item. However, the second roll must be kept,
even if it is more than the first.
4. Informant.The leader has earned a trusted
friend who can feed him valuable information on
resources in the area. During the post battle
sequence, the leader may contact his informant if
he does not visit the trading post by passing a
leadership test. If he passes the test, he may add
or subtract 1 from the roll to determine what
scenario will be played. If the leader rolls a 2 for
his test, he may add or subtract 2 instead. This
ability stacks with Ratskin Maps, ratskin scouts
and other such items.
5. Inspirational.An inspirational leader
commands the highest loyalty and respect.
Fighters in his gang may test on his leadership
value if they are within 12" of the leader instead
of only 6". Fighters must have a line of sight
with the leader in order to use his leadership.
6. Iron Will.This skill allows the leader to re-roll any failed bottle checks as long as he is not
down or out of action.

Hive Ken Skills
Wildsnake Hunter
Gigantic Spider Hunter
Stinger Mould Harvester
Orb Spider Handler
Rumour Monger
Giant Rat Herder
Carrion Bat Handler

Barter | May reroll variable amount of prices.
Charmer | D6 roll of 5 or 6, pay a hired gun half their fee, 1 pay double or get shot by their highest strength weapon
Outlaw Contacts
Keen Eyes
Friendly Ear

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