Campaign Structure

The Campaign is divided into four “Acts”. Whenever the game needs to be kicked up a notch in terms of challenge, players may agree to commence the next act.

ACT I: A Life of Gang Warfare
This act represents the status-quo of life in the Underhive. It is gang warfare represented in basically the same way as in the original game rules.

Act I ends when the first acolyte is revealed. This can happen either by drawing a specific event card during a scenario OR rolling a specific find during exploration.

ACT II: Strangers in the Underhive
This act opens up five special settlements where gangs may purchase specialized gear and hired guns for their gang, as well as engage in gambling, pit fighting, death racing and other unique activities to gain special bonuses. If they make a name for themselves, they may even attract the interest on one of a number of… strangers… who have been skulking in the dark places, recruiting ne’er do wells to aid them in their mysterious missions.

Additional acolytes may be revealed as Act II progresses. Act II ends when each active acolyte’s Ordo is identified. During Act II onwards, at the end of any fight involving an acolyte, if their Ordo has not been identified, an Ordo is selected at random for them.

ACT III: The Inquisition in the Shadows
The strangers are revealed to be agents of the Inquisition, serving a variety of masters with a variety of interests, particularly interests in strange and hidden places in the dark…

The remaining acolytes are revealed as Act III progresses. Act III ends when all living acolyte’s are identified along with their Ordo and Faction. At the end of any fight involving an acolyte, if their Faction has not been identified, a Faction is selected at random for them.

ACT IV: True Colours
The true motives of the acolytes become clear, and they may well go to war against each other. Fame and opportunity for great power awaits those who aid them in their endeavours… as long as you pick a winning side.

There are no more acolytes to reveal. The situation plays out until one player wins.

Campaign Structure

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