Campaign Concept

Necromunda can be a cyclic game of repeated battles using your favoured gang(s), building them, watching then get stronger until you decide to try a new one, and it never ends until everyone decides that enough is enough, let’s move on to another game.

That’s fine. It’s great actually. Highly enjoyable without winners or losers.

The idea behind this campaign is that a story emerges through the choices players make, and this story provides incremental steps towards a climax, and victory for one or more players.

Many great stories centre around the disruption of the status-quo due to the arrival of an external influence, such as Hot Fuzz, E.T, etc. In this campaign, the status quo is disrupted by the arrival of acolytes of the Inquisition, each of whom has come to Hive Primus to fulfil missions for their Inquisitorial masters. These missions are initially unknown, but are discovered throughout the course of the campaign, and some may contradict each other.

Co-operating with the acolytes, and assisting them with their missions as opportunity allows will win your gang Victory Points (VP). It is entirely reasonable to assist multiple acolytes in contradictory missions, playing both sides for favours.

The basic victory condition is: In order to win the campaign, one gang must have accrued 50 VP more than the gang with the second highest VP total.

Other victory conditions may emerge during the campaign, for example, if the Istvaanian Inquisitor decides Hive Primus must be destroyed by reactor sabotage in order to increase the militarization of the sector, getting out of the city before it blows could become a victory condition.

Campaign Concept

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